Saturday, October 06, 2007

Whole range of necklaces from

Now you can get a whole range of Necklaces from They have Jewelry items for each pocket ranging from below $30 to more than $500 each.

You may get all major brands of Jewelry including but not limited to Sterling, Novica, American Pearl, Divadiamonds, and more from So what are you waiting for just logonto and start shopping!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Credit Experts

There are some experts and websites like you may find on the internet who can help people raise credit score with seasoned trade lines seasoned credit account. has reportedly hlped several people and you could be one.

You only need to fill up your Name, email and phone number at and you will be contacted soon. All data are kept confidential so no worries there.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Taller Wives

Hi folks,

So how many of you have a taller wife? :)

How many of you have seen couples where the wife or the girlfriend is taller than her husband/boyfriend? What does it make you think when you see such a couple?

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I for one am absolutely thrilled to see such couples. I myself feel very excited when I am near a girl who is head and shoulders above me. I really find such tall women very attractive.

The general concept is that the men should be the taller one in a relationship, but concept is changing now. We may see more and more such couples with taller wives or taller girsfriends. They really look cute to me. I have browsed through several sites where I found that many more girls and guys have started to accept such relationship of tall wife and short husband or tall girlfriend and short boyfriend and are happy with their relationship.

What do you think of this? Pls share your opinion.

I’m myself an attractive but only 5 ft 6 inches tall guy and love girls who are taller than me. What about you people? Do you have a taller wife or taller girlfriend or a shorter husband or shorter boyfriend?

Both men and women are welcome to share your opinion, pls state your own height and age and tell us if you have been or are in such a relationship and how you feel about this?
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